The Commonwealth has been a part of Memphis life since 1926.

Originally conceived as the Medical Arts Building, it was a place designed for the common good. A place where all Memphians—no matter their social status, race or gender—could come for healing. A place where medical professionals collaborated and shared ideas about their craft. 

Like Memphis itself, The Commonwealth has endured years of highs and lows. A child of the roaring twenties, it has sustained the Great Depression, World War II, the Atomic Age, the birth of Rock’n’roll, the depopulation of Downtown Memphis and, ultimately, abandonment. But—also much like Memphis—there is another story. A story that is not simply about the restoration of a hidden gem; rather, a story of redemption: a redemption that we believe the great City of Memphis is also experiencing.

Drawing inspiration from the building’s previous incarnations, the redevelopment breathes a new life into the building as a multifaceted development, uniting Memphians with a common interest. We are delighted to offer forty apartments, commercial offices, a number of amenities at street-level, and space for collaboration and congregation.


The Commonwealth. Welcoming Memphians since 1926


The Commonwealth today

Main Lobby



Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom



Left Field Properties

195 Madison Avenue

Suite 104

Memphis, TN  38103



The Commonwealth, 240 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN